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A content management system, or CMS, is software that makes it very simple for non-technical users to update and manage

Most e-commerce solutions out there today such do just that - e-commerce. They sell products online. And they do a great job. But that's *all* they do. Our experience has taught us that online stores these days need to do much more than just take orders and display lots of products.

Absolutely!  The services we provide to our clients extend far beyond our exciting web platform. We know that starting a site and online store for the first time can be overwhelming so we are here to help you get set up quickly and easily. We have years of industry experience and have partnerships and relationships with the very best vendors, companies and organizations, all of which are available to you, as a MyCommerce client. Remember – we are here to help.

Not at all. Our solution has been designed so someone with little or no knowledge of computers or the internet can have a content-rich, engaging online store and website that they can easily update themselves. There's no programming languages to learn, no books or manuals to read, no developers to contact whenever you want to make changes or add content or products. With a MyCommerce site - you have total control over your online presence.

You don’t – we set everything up for you! Select what Packages (if any) you’d like, and then we go ahead and install the software and customize it with the options you selected. Once we’re done, we hand over the keys to you and you have total control over your site and store. All you need to run and manage your entire site is a web browser and an internet connection!

Hosted solutions own and host their software themselves, and you pay them a monthly fee (and other charges) to use it. You cannot make any changes or tweaks to the software - you have to fit in around what you are given. As with anything you rent – you own and control nothing, and are very limited in terms of your freedom and options as these are dictated by the owner. You must make sure you pay every month or your service will be deactivated, and you lose everything.

MyCommerce is a revolutionary content management and online shopping platform, tailored precisely to your business. It enables you to manage your all your site content yourself (such as information pages, products, blog posts, images, galleries, videos etc etc) - as well as take advantage of powerful, integrated e-commerce.

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