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Get your products out there From search engine optimization to product promotion, newsletters and analytics,
all of your marketing needs are taken care of.
ft marketing 1 Search Engine Optimization Our platform has advanced SEO built-in as standard to ensure maximum exposure to search engines. Features include:
 - Fully editable SEO-friendly URLs
 - Dynamic XML search engine sitemaps
 - Dynamically generated, editable page titles
 - Granular control over meta-keywords and meta-descriptions
 - Lean, standards-compliant code and fast page download times

ft marketing 2 Google Product Search Take the hassle out of posting your products to Google Product Search (Google Base). We’ll automatically generate a feed for you every day or on demand. Share your products with hundreds of thousands of new customers each month with this Google's fantastic free Shopping service!
ft marketing 3 Manage newsletters & mailing lists Update your customers on upcoming events, sales, promotions and new products. Collect and manage email sign-ups, publish and send newsletters, track performance and analytics, even schedule newsletters in the future. Our Newsletter Manager does it all.

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