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Everything under one roof
Our solution combines powerful online selling, tools to manage all your content, and social network integration (Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc) to enhance your products and offer a more engaging user experience.
No fees or charges
We want your store to do well and we won't charge you more if it does. We don't charge any transaction fees, take a cut of your store takings or limit the number of products you can upload.
Everything set up for you
We take care of all of the technical stuff so you don't have to. This means you can focus on your business without having to worry about any technical problems or headaches.
I interviewed several different firms when I decided to redo my company's website and I couldn't be happier that I went with MyCommerce. The end result is a dynamic, easy-to-use website that I can update myself whenever I like.
~ Allison MacCullough, Owner, Bundle NYC

The MyCommerce Difference
More than just a shopping cart
An online store these days needs to do more than just take orders. Blogs, videos, galleries, product reviews, articles, etc. are becoming essential to attracting and keeping customers on your store. These features are all easy to add and administer using the MyCommerce platform.
Packages & options that make sense
MyCommerce comes with a suite of packages tailored to your business and customer needs. Enhance your website content, add advanced selling & marketing tools, integrate more deeply with social networks and much more. It's all available from our menu of features.

Shoppers will find you
Our platform has been built with advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) totally in mind to ensure your store products and other site content gain a high ranking on all major search engines. We also provide full integration with Google Shopping which makes it easier for customers to find your products than ever before.
You buy it, you own it
When you purchase the MyCommerce solution, you do just that, you purchase it. You are not renting it or paying a monthly fee to use somebody else's technology. You buy it, you own it. It's that simple.

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Tips & Helpful Advice
Part of a regular series of help, tips and advice to help you maximize your online business
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Google's product search (Google Base) is a powerful tool often overlooked by most merchants and businesses. We look at what Base does, how to use it and the impact it can have on your product sales.
Optimizing Your Images For the Web
Customers are not going to hang around waiting for big image files to download, so it's crucial your images are optimized for web download. This article looks at the three main web image formats, plus recommendations for image dimensions, file naming and how to retain image quality but reduce filesize.
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