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MyCommerce is a revolutionary content management and online shopping platform, tailored precisely to your business. It enables you to manage your all your site content yourself (such as information pages, products, blog posts, images, galleries, videos etc etc) - as well as take advantage of powerful, integrated e-commerce.

Most e-commerce solutions out there today such do just that - e-commerce. They sell products online. And they do a great job. But that's *all* they do. Our experience has taught us that online stores these days need to do much more than just take orders and display lots of products.

Customers are growing accustomed to content-rich, engaging sites, built around products and merchandise. Blogs, forums, image galleries, videos, knowledgebases, product reviews, news articles, social networking etc are becoming essential to attracting and keeping customers on your site. E-commerce applications don't run all this. It's not what they are designed to do.

But ours is.

Our system is a powerful and versatile content management system. Layer in a powerful suite of e-commerce modules on top, and you end up with a system that runs all aspects and components of your entire online operations, all under one roof, via a single back-end interface.

A content management system, or CMS, is software that makes it very simple for non-technical users to update and manage a website. The MyCommerce platform is a powerful CMS which means it is very easy for site owners to manage all of their site and store content themselves.

Not at all. Our solution has been designed so someone with little or no knowledge of computers or the internet can have a content-rich, engaging online store and website that they can easily update themselves. There's no programming languages to learn, no books or manuals to read, no developers to contact whenever you want to make changes or add content or products. With a MyCommerce site - you have total control over your online presence.

Hosted solutions own and host their software themselves, and you pay them a monthly fee (and other charges) to use it. You cannot make any changes or tweaks to the software - you have to fit in around what you are given. As with anything you rent – you own and control nothing, and are very limited in terms of your freedom and options as these are dictated by the owner. You must make sure you pay every month or your service will be deactivated, and you lose everything.

A purchased solution is where you actually purchase the solution outright and you are therefore the owner. This gives you far greater freedom and total control. You can host it wherever you wish, make any changes you like and tailor the whole thing up around your business needs and requirements. Unlike hosted solutions, our platform is open source, so the source code is freely and readily available and can be modified to do anything you need.

You don’t – we set everything up for you! Select what Packages (if any) you’d like, and then we go ahead and install the software and customize it with the options you selected. Once we’re done, we hand over the keys to you and you have total control over your site and store. All you need to run and manage your entire site is a web browser and an internet connection! To get started, simply fill out the Request A Demo form, or call us at 1-800-606-4506 for a free consultation.

Absolutely!  The services we provide to our clients extend far beyond our exciting web platform. We know that starting a site and online store for the first time can be overwhelming so we are here to help you get set up quickly and easily. We have years of industry experience and have partnerships and relationships with the very best vendors, companies and organizations, all of which are available to you, as a MyCommerce client. Remember – we are here to help.

Hosting & Security

Yes. We are delighted to now offer hosting services through our partner, Zerolag Communications. Voted “Most Reliable Hosting Company” the last two years running by NetCraft, Zerolag provide industrial-strength, scalable, mission-critical networking to all or our clients. There is zero latency and 99.9% uptime.

If you already have a web host in mind, or are using one already, no problem! We can install our platform just about anywhere - so you can keep the host you already have.

No. We provide hosting services for our clients that need it, but we are not a hosted solution. You may select whatever web host you wish and we install our platform there for you.

MyCommerce hosting services start at $20 per month. There are no data caps and no bandwidth limits. We also make full and complete backups of your files and database every night, so in the event data is lost or deleted, we can restore your files and data within minutes - at no additional charge.

An SSL Certificate is created for exclusive use with your domain name and encrypts credit card and other sensitive data as it travels between your customer's browser and the web server. If you have areas on your site where users submit sensitive information (passwords, credit card details etc) then you must have an SSL Certificate installed.

We supply industry-standard 256-bit strength GeoTrust SSL Certificates for $79 (renewable annually for $55) so we can purchase and install this for you when we set up your site. It's no problem if you already have an SSL certificate, or would like to purchase your own - our transfer and installation fee for 3rd party certificates $80.

Packages & Pricing

The MyCommerce content management and e-commerce platform starts at just $1,495. Costs can go up from there depending on what Packages (if any) you choose, and the level of design integration required. The standard platform ($1,495) comes with lots of great features already included which will give you a great-looking, engaging, content-rich online presence that you have total control over. Full setup and installation is included. When we hand over the keys, the entire site and store will be fully functioning and operational - you just need to fill it up with your content!

Packages are a feature unique to MyCommerce and make customizing and enhancing your site quick, easy and fun! You start with a standard "base". You can then choose from a number of pre-built packages of optional extras to extend and enhance your site.

We offer Packages that cover ever need, from Social Networking to High Volume. These packages include many features and options which are available individually – or at a discounted rate if buying the entire package. Simple!

See which packages are available by going to the Packages section of our Feature Tour.

No problem! Our platform is open-source, which means the source code is freely available and can be edited or modified to do anything you need. We can build in anything you need. Please ask us for more details.

Our system is completely flexible and has been designed to adapt and grow with your business, so you can add Packages or individual features as and when you need to, as often as you wish.

Service & Support

When it comes to customer service, we believe in the personal touch. The developer that installs and sets up your site will be assigned to it permanently after it launches. This means you will always have a single point of contact that is absolutely familiar with every aspect of your site. There’s no call centers, or the frustration of explaining an issue repeatedly to multiple people. Think of it as your own personal account manager who is always available to you via phone or email.

Yes. Our monthly service and support plan is built into all our sites and is $50 per month. It includes unlimited, 24/7 technical support and ensures that any software updates and enhancement releases are applied to the software your new site will be running on. This keeps everything up-to-date and ensures your site is running the latest versions of all core and associated modules.

Yes – we have years of experience in the digital space and can provide as much advice and consultancy as needed. Please contact us for more information.

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