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An SSL Certificate is created for exclusive use with your domain name and encrypts credit card and other sensitive data as it travels between your customer's browser and the web server. If you have areas on your site where users submit sensitive information (passwords, credit card details etc) then you must have an SSL Certificate installed.

MyCommerce hosting services start at $20 per month. There are no data caps and no bandwidth limits. We also make full and complete backups of your files and database every night, so in the event data is lost or deleted, we can restore your files and data within minutes - at no additional charge.

No. We provide hosting services for our clients that need it, but we are not a hosted solution. You may select whatever web host you wish and we install our platform there for you.

Yes. We are delighted to now offer hosting services through our partner, Zerolag Communications. Voted “Most Reliable Hosting Company” the last two years running by NetCraft, Zerolag provide industrial-strength, scalable, mission-critical networking to all or our clients. There is zero latency and 99.9% uptime.

If you already have a web host in mind, or are using one already, no problem! We can install our platform just about anywhere - so you can keep the host you already have.

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