What’s the difference between a hosted solution and a purchased solution like MyCommerce?

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Hosted solutions own and host their software themselves, and you pay them a monthly fee (and other charges) to use it. You cannot make any changes or tweaks to the software - you have to fit in around what you are given. As with anything you rent – you own and control nothing, and are very limited in terms of your freedom and options as these are dictated by the owner. You must make sure you pay every month or your service will be deactivated, and you lose everything.

A purchased solution is where you actually purchase the solution outright and you are therefore the owner. This gives you far greater freedom and total control. You can host it wherever you wish, make any changes you like and tailor the whole thing up around your business needs and requirements. Unlike hosted solutions, our platform is open source, so the source code is freely and readily available and can be modified to do anything you need.

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