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Most e-commerce solutions out there today such do just that - e-commerce. They sell products online. And they do a great job. But that's *all* they do. Our experience has taught us that online stores these days need to do much more than just take orders and display lots of products.

Customers are growing accustomed to content-rich, engaging sites, built around products and merchandise. Blogs, forums, image galleries, videos, knowledgebases, product reviews, news articles, social networking etc are becoming essential to attracting and keeping customers on your site. E-commerce applications don't run all this. It's not what they are designed to do.

But ours is.

Our system is a powerful and versatile content management system. Layer in a powerful suite of e-commerce modules on top, and you end up with a system that runs all aspects and components of your entire online operations, all under one roof, via a single back-end interface.

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