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Product & Content Management Manage your products and other site content such as blogs, galleries, forums, press mentions &
video using our simple, intuitive admin interface.
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No Coding Required
Add, edit, delete, upload, move around – it’s all done through our easy-to-use drag and drop, word-processor style editor. No HTML or CSS knowledge is needed or required.
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Add/Edit/Delete Content with Ease
Our award-winning admin interface makes managing products and other content quick and simple. Edit and update in real-time so changes you make are instantly reflected on your site.
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Upload Infinite Images
There are no restrictions on the number of images per product you can upload. And don’t worry about cropping, resizing or optimizing either – our platform handles all that for you too!
And that’s not all:
Unlimited Categories
Create infinite top-level and sub-categories to display your products and categorize your content. Add, edit, delete and move categories around as much as you need.
YouTube / Vimeo Integration
Videos within product pages are a fantastic way to improve product sales and conversions. Easily embed video clips from YouTube and Vimeo with just a few clicks.

Product Options (Attributes)
Easy attribute creation and assignment. Create unlimited options including text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons and text areas.
Unlimited Pages
Add unlimited pages and insert your own formatting (colors, backgrounds, fonts etc) using our familiar Microsoft Word-style editor.

Product Reviews
User generated content, like product reviews, are key to your success. Shoppers trust other shoppers’ independent reviews to make purchasing decisions.
Stock & Inventory
Easily assign SKU numbers and stock levels and keep accurate track of your inventory with our product and stock reports.

Related Products / Upsell
Manually select items to upsell for each product in your inventory, and use our automated cross-selling option which automatically picks random products from the same category.
Low-Inventory Notifications
Receive an e-mail notification when your products are running out of stock. You can specify at which point to notify you on a per product basis.

Hide products
Hide products that are no longer available with the click of a button. You can also have the store automatically hide products that are no longer in stock.
Product Management
Featured products and on-sale items on your homepage and category pages with the click of a button. Change items monthly, weekly or hourly if you like.

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